The Nutrition Couch

11. Barriers to Fat Loss, Coffee Lovers, Low Carb Pasta and Healthy Fats

July 18, 2021
On The Nutrition Couch this episode-  
  • Fat loss; we hear about it all the time, but why is it so difficult. We discuss the most common barriers to sustainable fat loss and how to take control back;  
  • Our "Clinic Question " of the week is about coffee; how much is too much, what is the healthiest order and can you still enjoy your favourite caffeine hit if you are trying to lose weight;  
  • The "Supermarket Product of the Week" is a deep dive into the growing range of low carb pastas in supermarkets that still taste like the real thing; and  
  • We answer our listener questions about about good fats, how much is too much and how do you get the balance in your own diet right.  

So sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s episode!  

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